Which CLQ Compression length is best for you?

Unsure which CLQ Compression length is best for you? Lucky for you, we like to keep things simple here at CLQ. We’ve worked hard to keep our sizes and styles as consistent as possible to make finding your CLQ ‘fit nice and easy! 

All CLQ compression pieces (Sports Bras and Performance Tanks included!) are created using the same high-grade antibacterial fabric, made using 76% recycled fibres from post-consumer recycled bottles. 

Not only are they made of the same fabric compression pieces encompass the same supportive high waistband and booty enhancing seaming. Meaning your CLQ tights, shorties, and bikers are all the exact same fit/style from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the booty seams. 

Take a closer look at our different lengths below:

Our shortest style, perfect for the warmer summer months.

Leg length is 8cm from crotch.

Biker Short
These cuties are knee-length. The diagonal seam and fit around the knee of these Bikers is slightly extended to prevent ‘sausaging’ around the knee.

Leg length is 24.5cm from crotch.

Pedal Pushers
Designed to sit below the knee, the Pedal Pusher is a cooler option for those who prefer longer tights but don’t want to commit to shorts!

7/8 LEG
These tights sit just above the ankle and are our most popular length!

Full Length – SHORT
Full length on those who are 5’8″ and shorter, or will sit at 7/8 length on our taller babes!

Full Length – TALL
For our tall babes! Full length on those who are 5’9″ and taller.

Still unsure? You can find the fit-guide right here to find exact measurements 😊 and if you’re ever in doubt, flick us a DM or email and we will be more than happy to help you find your perfect fit 🖤

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