Chloe Standing and leaning on a wall with the words 'Do's and Dont's' On the back ground
Chloe gives us her gym etiquette do’s and dont’s.

Top 5 gym etiquette do’s and don’ts

Hey babes! We’re in the gym a lot, and we’ve seen some things… Nobody wants to be ‘that’ person in the gym, so whether you’re just starting out or it’s your second home, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of gym etiquette! Our Customer Experience and PR Coordinator Chloe also happens to be a Personal Trainer, so we thought we’d get her insights into the do’s and don’ts for every gym go-er.

Chloe, what are your DO’s?
Biggest thing? SMILE! The gym can be such an intimidating place for some, where it could and should be their space for inspiration and motivation. Don’t be a dick, if you see someone looking, smile!

Equipment sharing. This is a biggie! Gyms often become packed at peak times, meaning access to machines can sometimes be a little tricky. Chances are, the person using the machine will happily let you jump in during their rests to get your set in. However, please ask! Haha. Nothing more confusing and slightly awkward than feeling you have to go and say to someone “I’m not finished just yet” – Good excuse to make a new friend too! 

My last 2 points are fairly obvious but must be said. You must wipe down machines after use and PLEASE re-rack/un-rack your weights. Everyone will love you for it!

Don’t start giving out advice to people trying to do their thang – especially if you’re not a professional yourself. People’s bodies all move differently, have possible injuries and have different levels of ability and while you may have the best intentions, the advice may not be correct for them. You could actually cause injury or mess with their confidence. Unless someone is seriously going to hurt themselves, let them do them! They’re in there and moving, that’s what matters. 


DO NOT LEAVE MACHINES LOADED – without a doubt, the biggest gym pet peeve. 


Anything else to add?
I’ve seen the most incredible friendships and relationships (mine included) evolve from meeting in the gym. Some of my dearest friends I’ve either met at a gym or our friendship has developed through walks, training sessions or classes together. It’s a space that brings people together who all share a common interest – I have lost count of the sessions I have taken where I and my clients/class members have cried with laughter.

I also have a very clear memory of taking my sweater off whilst trying to climb on the StairMaster… bad idea! Not only did I lose balance, but the sudden movement of my arm trying desperately to find the handrail swung my sweater into the machine – causing it to come to a sudden stop. Just picture it, hand still in sweater that is now stuck in the machine, sprawled along the floor at the bottom of the machine. That was me. I broke the $12,000 machine too… no clue how I didn’t get billed for it.


We asked the CLIQUE community for their tips, and here’s the top 5:

Smile! Something so simple goes a really long way. The gym can be an intimidating place for anyone, especially newcomers. It never hurts to be friendly and hey, you never know which friendships could blossom!

Always ask. There’s nothing worse than somebody helping themselves to a piece of equipment that you’re in the middle of using. Not only can it come across very rude, but it can also be dangerous. If you’re unsure – just ask! Chances are they’ll be more than happy to share it with you anyway. 

Use a sweat towel – because nobody wants to use sweaty equipment, yuck! We all know that sharing is caring, so be mindful of others who have to use the equipment after you. This includes wiping down surfaces with the provided cleaning supplies/wipes when you’re finished.

Always put your weights back where they belong – and clean up as you go, don’t wait until the end of your workout. This means others waiting to use the equipment can have their turn. Not only will your fellow gym-goer’s appreciate it, but you’ll get that extra burn on your way to the rack!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether you need a hand finding something or some advice on how to use certain equipment, the friendly gym staff are always happy to help. It’s a daunting feeling to walk into a gym and not know where anything is or even what anything is. Everyone needs to start somewhere, so don’t be embarrassed to reach out.

In the end, we are all responsible for making the gym a more considerate, tidy and friendly place to visit. So, next time you’re in the gym, try to make it a better place for everyone and put these tips to work!

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