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When we started CLIQUE in 2017 we didn’t only want to make activewear; we wanted to spark change. Change for the environment, for women and in the industry. There were two things we were 100% sure on before we launched:

The first – We would create a pair of compression tights that solved all of the problems we’d come across in our research.

  • These tights would not slip or fall down while you’re working out,
  • they’d be squat proof (wouldn’t go see through while you’re bending over),
  • they’d be flattering on all body types,
  • and they’d be so comfortable you’d want to wear them every day.
  • This pair of tights would be a part of our core collection and would always be available. This would mean wastage would be minimal because they’d never go out of style or be ‘last season’ and the high-quality construction would mean that they’d last years for the wearer.

Secondly, any additional pieces we made alongside our core collection would be small runs or ‘limited edition’, and the amount we produced would be based on demand, so we would be sure to sell through of these styles, minimising wastage here too.

We are always researching ways to adapt our products and production techniques to be more sustainable. Finding suitable fabric options that work for highly functional pieces at the right cost can be difficult, but the factories we choose to work with are experienced in ethically made technical garment production. These factories harness the power of smart technology and machinery which allows us to create the polyester component of our compression tights from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

We spent nine months developing our Gen III recycled fabric after we were told by multiple people and factories that the concept wouldn’t work. We continued to research, develop and test and we’ve since been able to move the polyester component of ALL of our compression tights and sports bras/sports tops to be made of post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. All of these bottles would otherwise have ended up in landfill. It’s hugely satisfying to know that approx. 65,000 bottles are now being worn by fierce women all over the globe!

And it doesn’t stop there. We seek to challenge what we know, everyday, because we want to deliver innovative solutions and the highest quality to our CLIQUE; although this sometimes comes with its own set of obstacles due to the very nature of the industry we are in. We continue to think of of ways to lengthen the lifecycle of our products, and remove unnecessary waste in the production and consumption of them.

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