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How I keep my fitness consistent and juggle the daily chaos: Louisa Morley

Many of us focus so much on doing it all, that we forget to focus on ourselves. ‘Me time’ is more important than most people realise, it’s our time to relax, unwind, reflect and pursue our hobbies and passions. But we get it, sometimes this can seem like an impossible task. Making time for yourself on top of a busy schedule is tough, whether you’re a busy mum, working a demanding job or buried in assignments. Allowing that little bit of time for yourself can lead to feeling more productive, less stressed and gives your brain a chance to recharge, so we sat down with mum of four, Louisa, to find out how she handles life when it gets busy.

As a busy mum of four, you make juggling life look easy! What does a typical morning look like for you?
Haha thank you! This is very kind to say because a lot of the time I feel completely frazzled 😂 My typical morning is that of a Mum (for real) I start with a coffee or a bucket load of tea then aim to get the 4 kids off to school without anyone falling apart 😂👏🏼

Once I’ve achieved that, I’ll tackle some housework and take a moment to move my body and do some Yoga with Adrienne. Mornings round here are either insanely chaotic or calm and blissful there never seems to be any in between. 

Who motivates or inspires you?
My husband, he’s honestly my rock! He’s such a beautiful, kind, selfless hard working man. He’s always hyping and supporting me with ANYTHING I want to achieve. Which I need as I can be pretty blasé and have all the BIG ideas but absolutely no push – I’ve heard it’s a big Pisces thing 😂💁🏼‍♀️

What are some important habits that you have built to help manage mum-life?
MAKING TIME FOR MYSELF!!!! However that looks, honestly that’s probably my one and only habit but I think it’s so important. Some days I have to choose to put my own mental and emotional well being before the housework or naff jobs AND THAT’S OK. They can wait, by holding space for myself I can really make sure I’m recharged and ready to give myself to my family once they’re home.

What does self-care look like for you?
Getting out into nature and moving my body, I’m ALWAYS wanting to go on walks – there are so many beautiful little spots around here 🥺 there’s also a river spot that I love to go sit at and just be. FOOD whether I’m eating alone or with friends/family I get so much joy and happiness from eating good food. Setting boundaries and knowing when to say NO has been a big (new) one for me. I was always a yes person that would try to help every single person around me as much as I could but I would end up stressed and burnt out. Saying no isn’t a bad thing, we need to learn to protect our energy. ✨

Do you have a support network around you that helps when things get chaotic?
We do, it’s small but mighty at the same time. I feel very grateful to have built that after moving towns and starting again. We’ve got my husband’s mum in town which is so new to us as we’re not used to having family in the same town as us and the kids absolutely love that! Our friends have been incredible, they really are our village. Tom’s spent a lot of time away since being here and they’re always there to offer a helping hand no matter what the problem. I can be pretty stubborn and independent so I like to get on with things, but knowing we’ve got people there that we can turn to really is amazing.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Honestly I’m not too sure, but I always like to say to people to trust their instincts and don’t stress about the things you can’t control! I think too often we get caught up taking on the advice of others that we forget to listen to our own gut and what feels right for OURSELVES. 

Live life doing the things that you love and what feels right for you, life’s too short to try meet others standards of you. ❤️

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