5 at 5: Renee Green

Each couple of weeks we are featuring an amazing member of our Clique Community and ask them some quick fire questions! This week’s 5 at 5 is the incredible Renee Green. We chatted to Renee about what motivates her, who inspires her, and of course her favourite CLIQUE Collection!


What keeps you motivated on a daily basis?
What keeps me motivated is seeing the progress I have made in my weight-loss journey. Seeing this shows me that I am on the right path and it keeps me motivated to keep going. I have done this by constantly working out and eating better! I have lost 20kg’s and I am now working towards toning and strengthening! Also, having a good mindset always helps to keep me motivated. So instead of saying “I’m too tired to go to the gym”, I say “Working out gives me more energy to keep doing more of what I love”. Being positive and having a good mind set always helps to stay on track with your goals.


What are your favourite ways to move?
I am a gym enthusiast. So you’ll find me there smashing out a solid weights session or going for a long run on the treadmill. But, if I’m not there, I am out hunting and fishing with my partner. Thanks to hunting and fishing, it gets my partner and I out on an adventure and allows us to explore different places of New Zealand.


What are your favourite ways to relax?
Sitting down at the river just reading a good book. I find it super relaxing just hearing the river flow and the birds chirping. Relaxing with a book is my go to.


What is your favourite CLIQUE Collection?
Hands down has to be Clay. The colour is just AMAZING and honestly is like no other I’ve seen before! My favourite set to wear by far!


Who and what inspires you?
Chloe Hunter, @chloelynhunter, inspires me. This woman is absolute goals and has such a beautiful personality and soul. She has achieved so much and inspires others to do just the same. I hope to one day stand on the stage with her or even have her as my coach! Such a beautiful woman inside and out.

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