5 at 5: Hannah Marinkovich

Each couple of weeks we are featuring an amazing member of our Clique Community and ask them some quick-fire questions! This week’s 5 at 5 is the incredible Hannah Marinkovich. Hannah shares with us the range of ways she loves to move and relax, how she stays motivated, and of course her favourite CLIQUE Collection!


What keeps you motivated on a daily basis?
I love to feel good and energetic, I thrive off feeling productive and like I’ve accomplished something in my day. That feeling in itself is enough to keep me motivated and to push forward and grow. I think we (humans) are the happiest when we are growing and moving towards our goals.


What are your favourite ways to move?
My absolute favourite way to move is with kundalini yoga. It’s a mixture of movement, breathwork, mantras and meditation that focuses on moving energy throughout your body and I always leave class feeling refreshed and zen! Some of the exercises are quite challenging because of the period of time you have to hold them. I’m also that weird person that loves cardio, so I’m sure to get in a few gym sessions every week on the bike or treadmill with some light weights. Thanks to last year, I’ve also gotten into home workouts. Pamela Reif is my favourite to follow and she posts new workouts every week. I also love to walk my dog, Zoe, so we get down to the beach whenever we can. 


What are your favourite ways to relax?
I like to relax with yoga and meditation. I’ll go to class to get my fix, or do meditations every couple of days at home. I’m also into breathwork because it leaves you feeling so energised and amazing, and I do the Wim Hoff method every couple of days. I’m also a fan of gong baths, which are sound healings, they are incredibly relaxing. Otherwise of course tucked up on the couch with a good show to watch and a cup of tea!


What is your favourite CLIQUE Collection?
My favourite collection is definitely Hampton Blue. Not just because I was lucky enough to be in the campaign, which was so much fun, I’m just such a fan of the colour. The sweat is also a fav of mine!


Who and what inspires you?
My husband inspires me every day to do my best, as well as my amazing girlfriends. I have so many talented friends that I am lucky enough to surround myself with.

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